Let's turn heads!

Most people wear only 20% of their wardrobe. These days we own a lot of clothing but either wear it once or get it home and wonder what we were thinking..?! Stop wasting your precious time and hard earned money on mistakes. I can build you a functional wardrobe that works for your lifestyle. A wardrobe that is cohesive and most importantly, makes you look incredible every single day. With me, you'll learn how to go shopping in your own wardrobe, get the most out of your clothing and accessories, shop more efficiently and competently put it all together. 

Does any of the below sound familiar..?!

  • "I've got nothing to wear to that!" 
  • "Does this even look good on me?"
  • "I've got a closet bursting with clothes but wear the same items over and over!"
  • "I'm always in a rush and have no time to worry about what I'm gonna wear."
  • "Black is practically my uniform..!"

Call me now for a free 'no obligation' chat about your style dilemmas - 0210331390

I love shopping! When you shop with me we'll have so much fun together! My sole aim to make you look and feel amazing.

You wear your clothes, they don't wear you. Let's go shopping...!


Package 1 - $199

Price includes GST

Two hours shopping including the following...

  • Stylist discounts at well know retailers
  • An 'on the fly' Colour and Body Shape Analysis



Package 2 - $299

Price includes GST

Two hours at your home including the following...

  • Personal Style Consultation
  • Body Shape Analysis
  • Colour Analysis
  • Wardrobe Analysis/Edit/Sort



Package 3 - $399

Price includes GST

Two hours at your home including the following...

  • Personal Style Consultation
  • Body Shape Analysis
  • Colour Analysis
  • Wardrobe Analysis/Edit/Sort

Two hours shopping at the locations of your choice! 


***Note that within two hours we can generally cover around 5-6 stores. Also, the packages may be broken down into several smaller sessions if desired. Please bear this in mind when booking.                         

Book NOW and be the BEST YOU!


I am also available for wardrobe refreshers and seasonal shopping trips.

These are ideal for clients requiring a seasonal update to refresh their functional, stylish wardrobe OR a great option for those who wish me to shop for them on their behalf - After all, not everyone is a shopping junky like myself - tehe!

Remember, it is important that we move with the times whilst maintaining our own unique personal style.





If you're still unsure, read what my stella clients have to say..!

Samantha has an incredible ability to bring out the best version of yourself. She doesn’t impress any of her own style preferences on you, she listens and interprets, creating a new you that is both familiar and refreshingly modern.
— Rebecca H. Marketing Manager
My wardrobe was old and needed updating. Samantha was extremely professional. She listened to what I wanted and helped me find clothes that suited that style. We tired on lots of clothes and found things that would suit me, my shape and colours. She explained everything really well to me. She was extremely warm, open, engaging and experienced.
— Kath T. IT Analyst
Samantha was warm, approachable and kind. She listened to me and I felt like we could relate well to each other.
— Ashley S. Makeup Artist
Samantha is very professional, but warm and friendly at the same time. She listened carefully to my likes and dislikes and selected stores and styles while respecting my choices.
— Ann F. Business Owner
When I met Samantha I was amazed at how she totally rocked her own beautiful and unique style. I thought if she found her own style to this level she would be able to help me find mine.

Before I met Her people would compliment me on my dress and style often but I felt stuck in a rut and had the same look for some time.

Samantha my now totally awesome stylist came to my home. She cleaned up my wardrobe and I let her. She gave me colours that have made my personality and sense of dress shine more than ever before.

She took me shopping and it was the most amazing shopping experience of my life. 43 years of shopping but with her it actually changed my life. I purchased everything Samantha chose out for me although that was not her intention. I loved everything soooo much that it was all coming with me. The clothes looked amazing. They fit me perfectly and they made me feel 100% me again.

Everywhere I go people make comments about my new look. I cut my long hair and I love it. People often double take me.

Samantha’s price is the best in NZ. The results are second to none in my eyes. I will continue every season to take Sam shopping with me.

I love her and her work so much. I am so happy that her work has blessed me millions. I know she will bless many others. People ask me all the time how I got to look like this Diva they say I am and I always say Samantha Toner-Green. I am happy to talk to you if you need to.

My advice is don’t live without Sam in your life if you want to look the best you can. The second advice is don’t waste time thinking about it. Present your best self today.

Thank you Sam. Client for life xx
— Paula T. Property Manager