My Top 5 Spring Trends

Hi there, welcome to my wee blog and thanks for checking out post number one! I thought the perfect way to start was to chat about SPRING! It's a time of new beginnings after all. A time for fresh starts and blossoms! The symbolism is hard to ignore, I can't fight it, so lets get started..!

The following is a list of my top 5 Spring trends and guess what - florals are one of them ;) Big surprise hahaha!!

1. The New Stripes

Forget boring, predictable (but classic) black and white stripes this Spring. Instead, opt for COLOUR! Bold or soft, you choose but be adventurous, stand out from the crowd and avoid being a black and white Wheres Wally!

2. Metallics

Get ready to SHINE! Don't be shy, channel your inner 80's diva! Wear it all over or if you are a lil intimidated, experiment with a metallic accessary such shoes, bags, scarves or even...LIP GLOSS! Yup that's also gonna be a thing ;)

3. Florals Head to Toe

That's right..! Head to toe!! I'm loving all the floral shoes appearing in our stores. I grabbed a pair of Adidas ZX Flux sneakers with gorgeous roses on them last yr in Germany. Fun prints on shoes is a great way to step outside of the box and wear something other than black. 

4. Statement Earrings 

Store your dainty studs ladies! BIG earrings are back and back with a vengeance haha!! Oversized statement earrings are a must for any day to day Spring outing. Yup, these giant tassels aren't just for night time, nope, they are for brunch, bbqs and everyday living. Wear them with casual jumpers (oversized if you want to push the envelope) or t-shirts for a relaxed glam appeal. 

5. Wicker Bags

Woven wicker bags are going to be big this Summer! They certainly made an impact over the European Summer and now it's our turn down under. Round styles are particularly on trend.

Why not give something new a go this Spring? 

Samantha xox