Spring in your step!

As a natural follow up to my previous post highlighting Spring fashion, I now want to focus solely on shoes because...shoes! There are plenty of exciting new styles popping up all over the place. Some have been making a gradual debut while others have burst onto the scene! One things for sure though, heels are getting lower - can I get a WOOP WOOP ladies?! Comfort, HALLELUJAH!! 


Ok these have been lingering around since last Summer but over the upcoming warmer months, consider slipping into some stylish, comfy slides INSTEAD of your usual Havaianas *GASP* - I know it's a big call but slides are a great modern addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe and just as easy to wear. Try a classic pair of Nike or Adidas slides for that athleisure look or a bright metallic pair for a bit of glam.

Kitten Heels

Yup. These are back and back in a BIG way. They can be quite polarising and not exactly considered a 'sexy shoe' but who cares. They are refreshing and you can dance ALL NIGHT in them...or at least, last all evening at your friends dinner party without taking them off before the taxi ride home.


The old grandpa slipper is actually quite classic and chic. A nice shoe, suitable all year round however there are a few sling-back versions and slide loafers making an appearance for Spring which is quite unique and interesting... 

Block Heels

So ideal for outdoor events, this seasons thick, block heels will not let you down at garden weddings! No wobbling in these babies, only confident, strong strides!! They are simply everywhere so shop around. Here are a couple of my favs. I love this neutral powder blue design from Overland, it screams Summer with that wooden heel. Beneath is a Kathryn Wilson goodie in a gorgeous metallic pink - who could resist!


Girl Power! Bit of a 90's throwback and 70's before that!! Everything swings in roundabouts and short girls can currently rejoice because platforms are perfectly acceptable in polite society once again! Wear them in jet black as flatform slides or high mules for that goth mid 90's look and channel your inner witch from The Craft - love that movie ;) 

I aim to find styles that you shop for immediately and not JUST online. I personally am a fan of trying things on before I buy because I can't be bothered returning stuff that isn't the right size/fit etc. If any of the styles featured above are not available in your local (NZ) stores please let me know I got it wrong so I can make the appropriate edits.

Hope you like my picks as much as I do ;) 

Samantha xox