Long and Strong!

Sadly I was NOT genetically blessed with lovely strong fingernails (thanks Dad). Ironically my gorgeous Mother has epic nails that appear to grow at least half an inch on the daily..!

I basically gave up on mine ages ago until one of my bffs became a qualified nail technician and taught me a thing or two!! - "It's not what you know, aye aye!"

Mariah Burton-Burn from Wished for Nails is a champ! After only visiting her once, I've already noticed a dramatic difference in my nails. They usually flake, peel and break. Mariah was confident that she could help and with only one manicure,..she has!! My nails feel stronger than ever thanks to the IBX treatment from Famous Names that she applied prior to polish. Ooo! 

Using the Gelish range and a chrome pigment, I chose a dramatic rose gold metallic effect! LOVE THEM! Watching Mariah apply the metallic overlay was like MAGIC! It just rubbed on...! Seriously, give it a go some time!


MARIAH'S TIPS for long and strong nails:

  • Apply Cuticle Oil on the daily! - "If you nails are damaged, weak or recovering from a little nervous nibble habit, then put it on twice a day."
  • File. Don't Cut! - "You know those little splits that turn up on the sides of your you nails with no explanation...the clippers are likely the culprit."
  • Take it OFF! - "Remove anything that you put on your nails properly. If you don't know what that means for you, ask an expert."
  • See a Professional - "Put you hands in knowledgable hands! The easiest way to keep your nails healthy is not to damage them in the first place OR to let someone else damage them. Unfortunately the age old story of 'you get what you pay' for is usually the case. If you're not sure about the quality of a salon, ask to see your nail techs qualifications and the salons health license. Otherwise, the cheep deal that you picked up, might include a freebie...*and spoiler alert*...it could be an infectious surprise!" - YIKES

Of course if you have any questions regarding your own talons, Mariah would be more than happy to help! @wishedfornails

Samantha x

Spring in your step!

As a natural follow up to my previous post highlighting Spring fashion, I now want to focus solely on shoes because...shoes! There are plenty of exciting new styles popping up all over the place. Some have been making a gradual debut while others have burst onto the scene! One things for sure though, heels are getting lower - can I get a WOOP WOOP ladies?! Comfort, HALLELUJAH!! 

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