Samantha Toner-Green is a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is committed to making her clients look and feel confident, strong and fabulous by using her natural born fashion flair and eye for all things striking. From day dot, Samantha has shown appreciation for the art of daily dressing, never allowing anyone to choose outfits for her, Samantha was completely in control of her image! Fast forward to the present day, we now see Samantha getting pure joy from dressing others and helping them to become to the best version of themselves. Whether she be dressing someone for the boardroom, a glamorous gala or daily life, Samantha loves it all!

With a Fashion Minor from AUT, a Diploma in Styling and through constant, meticulous study of the trends and classic looks, Samantha is able to forecast and edit a unique wardrobe for her clients that suits their individual lifestyles.

The core of  Samantha's brand, Mirror, is all about loving who is staring back at you. Sometimes we loose track of our own image, our own sense of self. When we look good, we feel good. Samantha wants to help as many people as she can grab ahold of their self confidence to tackle all that life throws at them head on - while looking incredible!

My Story

Hi there, thank you for checking out my site! It means a lot that you're here. Goodness, I must admit that starting this business was a daunting step for me BUT my big cousin Kim always says, if it's not exciting and scary, then it's not worth doing! Well, this venture is both exciting and scary so I must be on to a great thing!

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. I get a thrill from creating new outfits from my existing wardrobe and love working out how many different ways I can wear an item...but along with a love of fashion and style, I have a true passion for music. 

I am a professional singer. 

Born into a musical family it was a given that I would follow my parents path in the Entertainment Industry. As young as 5, I was singing on stage with my gorgeous Mother Celine Toner and know just about every green room in the country! Everything about the stage fascinated me as a child. The feathers, the sequins, the pops of colour! I fell in love with Mums 'stage closet', it was my go to 'dress up' closet haha!

Classically trained at St Marys College in Auckland, I won the prestigious Stella Maris Singing Cup as a senior student and at 16, put together my first international vocal group called EVE. We sang classical crossover numbers and wore a collection of glamours outfits. I styled the group and got a mega thrill from it. It was a wild ride! We recorded and released the Ricki Morris' hit "Nobody Else', had appearances in London, opened for Lionel Ritchie and sang our way around NZ. 

Afterwards, myself and fellow EVE member, Cassandra McCowan formed a pop duo. We sang the National Anthem for Australia at The Bledisloe Cup, opened for STING at his one off Synchronicity Concerts in NZ and then opened for Rod Stewart at the prestigious Mission Concert. In 2011 I went to China to perform with Mum and it was there that MO GHRA was formed, our own Mother/Daughter Celtic Duo (Mum is Scottish). We recorded a beautiful album together entitled 'Alba to Aotearoa' and perform at specialist Celtic events in NZ, Australia and China. Solo, I've been blessed with countless, stunning opportunities such as performing the NZ anthem for champion boxer, Joseph Parker, the Rugby League World Cup and corporate events. I love to sing!!!

I style the image of every musical project I'm part of and over the years, there have been challenges, lessons and incredible highs! I've learnt how to accentuate my best features and those of my fellow performers. I've learnt how to create magic through clothing. I've learnt how to tell a story without speaking. I've learnt how to shine. Anyone can, with the right costume, smoke and mirrors!


If you would like to follow my stylish exploits and the odd musical note (tehe)...check out my blog!